Computerized diesel engine controller JAMANER-e

How about using JAMANER-e to install a Japanese-made used computerized disel engine?

●Trucks ●Boats ●Power generators
A versatile,high-performance,moderately priced computerized diesel engine controller that is also environment-frendly.

Computerized diesel engine controller JAMANER-e

The JAMANER-e computerized diesel engin controller is finally here.

Computerized diesel engine controller JAMANER-e

A great number of second-hand Japanese diesel engines are already used abroad for trucksd and boats. However,because it has been difficult to recycle computerized diesel engines with reduced harmful emissions,which have been manufactured since 1995,ther have not been used as fully as anticipated. Besides,diesel engines are computerized in Japan,so the supply of non-computerized used diesel engines will be exhausted before long. To solve this problem,we used Σe-Star technology to develop the JAMANER-e computerized diesel engine controller,which electronically controls the amount of fuel consumption and the timing of fuel injection. We mount it on computerized diesel engines,from small to large size,which we offer as one unit.

A new product for the global environment of the future.

The use of second-hand computerized engines controlled by JAMANER-e reduces nitrogen oxide emissions,and contributes to protection of global environment.

●General Specifications
Brand Name JAMANER-e
Product description Computerized diesel engine controller
Main unit dimensions W290×D220×H75(mm)/Applicable common-rail type models
W200×D150×H75(mm)/Applicable electric governor type and rotary pump type models
Main unit weight 3.1kg/Applicable common-rail type models
1.8kg/Applicable electric governor type and rotary pump type models
Applicable engines Can be user for Japanese-made electric governor type,common-rail type and rotary pump type diesel engines.
Input power source DC24V
Accessories Wire hamess(1 set),accelerator,Manual,Warranty

*1)Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.
*2)It is not intended to guarantee the starting of all computerized diesel engines.